Case Studies

  • CASE STUDY 1 - 500 Avenue Road

    The owners of the Apartment building located at 500 Avenue Road Toronto wanted to convert their apartment building into a condominium building. The apartment building conversion is subject to meet the condominium act to qualify for this conversion. The condominium Act. of Toronto have stringent rules and regulations to qualify a building in this category.

    Specific lighting requirements must be met in all areas of the building including the outdoor parking areas. The outdoor parking lots did not meet the stringent rules and regulations, as determined by the lighting assessment, therefore; this building was refused the condominium designation.

    A lighting assessment and a re-design were performed on the outdoor parking areas. The assessment determined the areas in need of change to meet the condominium act of Toronto. The focus then was to re-design the lighting system of the defaulting areas. The Re-design was performed to meet and surpass the requirement as well all printed documents were submitted to the board as proof of such findings.

    These documents were reviewed and a final judgment by the board allowing this building as a condominium was granted.


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